Allan Gregory Auclair

Allan Gregory Auclair

PhD candidate in Economics

Geneva Graduate Institute, Department of International Economics

2023-24 Job Market

I am a PhD candidate in macroeconomics. I study the evolution of corporate profits. My research explains how elements of market structure and firm heterogeneity are relevant to aggregate price dynamics.


  • Monetary economics
  • Corporate profits and factor income distribution
  • Market structure, pricing behavior, and business cycle fluctuations
  • Determination of interest rates
  • International investment and multinational firms


  • Ph.D. in Economics, 2024 (Expected)

    Geneva Graduate Institute

  • Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics, 2021

    Study Center Gerzensee (Macro and Econometrics sequences)

  • Master's in Economics, 2020

    Geneva Graduate Institute

  • Master's in Public Affairs, 2013

    Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

  • Bachelor of Arts, 2009

    Washington University in Saint Louis